Style Inspiration: Khloé Kardashian

For a long time style was something that was more of a concept than something that was actually a part of my life. Clothing for me was for practicality’s sake as opposed to a form of self expression. I never knew what to say when someone asked what my ‘style’ was, and in all honesty I don’t think I had ever truly cultivated my own personal style until about 3 years ago. After years of branching out, experimenting, and becoming more comfortable with myself in general I finally found an aesthetic that I like and makes me feel like I’m putting on another layer of me, if that makes sense. In a quick blurb I would describe my style as “Khloé Kardashian meets Joan Jett” which sounds confusing, I know, but hey it works for me! In this post I’m going to be focusing on the Khloé aspect of my fashion sense, and hopefully it’ll give some of you ideas on things to incorporate into your wardrobe if you’re looking for new things to try out!

Khloé has always been my favorite out of the three Kardashian sisters, not only because of her personality, but because of her style. Not only is it feminine, fashionable, and cool as hell, but it’s actually accessible. Her casual, everyday style is often minimalist and can be easily emulated, which is not usually the case with celebrities. They usually have the funds and the cloak of fame to allow them to wear extravagant and pricey outfits, which is great for them, but sucks for the average person who loves a certain look but can’t afford it or pull it off in the “real world.” With Khloé that’s not the case; skin tight bodysuits, jeans, crop tops, jumpsuits, and an accessory or two are her usual style go-to’s, and that kind of ensemble can be found nearly anywhere. I love when she goes for a quirkier outfit and goes all out for an event, but it’s ultimately her casual, edgier style that I’m inspired by and often find myself wearing in my own life.

Here are some of my favorite outfits that she’s worn that reflect and inspire some of my own style!

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love ripped jeans. I don’t care that it’s not the 90’s anymore, I don’t care if it seems impractical or juvenile, I love them man! And I adore how much Khloé wears them and implements them in her fashion line Good American. However, those jeans are a bit too pricey for my non-existent fashion fund, so I usually go for jeans off of Fashion Nova, which is actually where she got the jeans in the second photo above! I’ll link them here if anyone wants to check them out! Plus I love pairing a good bodysuit with ripped jeans as well, it’s so simple and sexy at the same time, so that’s probably my favorite outfit at the moment.

Black is everything and that will never change. I can’t get enough of these rocky, all black ensembles, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of all black all day days. I’ve also been getting intensely into over the knee boots lately, which Khloé also enjoys. I’m usually not a fan of wearing heels because they hurt and I don’t need that unnecessary pain in my life, but on her she rocks it!

image3This is probably one of my favorite outfit’s I’ve ever seen, Period. The black jacket, the dark bodysuit, the sexy thigh high boots, the rock star cross necklace, the ripped jean shorts = perfection. This particular ensemble incorporates a lot of the rockier edge that Joan Jett also inspires in my style, so in a way this truly encapsulates everything I love in one outfit. It combines the parts of Khloé’s style that I love with it’s femininity, sexiness, and skin tight fit with the parts of Joan’s style that I like in the outfit’s rock icon edge. And again, this is not a look that is impossible to replicate. Though certain pieces of hers are expensive, there are always cheaper options that will give a similar vibe and aesthetic. For that I really do recommend Fashion Nova for clothes that are reminiscent of her style without breaking the bank. The clothes are incredibly cute and fit super well, and as a tall girl the jeans are a reasonable length for me which is often hard to come by. There’s also the website Steal Her Style that has found exact pieces from some of her past outfits, so check that out here if you’re interested!

If anyone wants to talk more about fashion or style in general, feel free to message me down in the comments!

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